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Abandonment and Know-It-Alls…


See? This is how I know I’m not gonna be blogging for much longer. Just familiarizing myself with the wordpress site is pissing me off and I’m two minutes away from abandoning this “project.” I have an idea of how I want my site to look but getting there is frustrating and I AIN’T GOT THE PATIENCE! Oh steps.

Don’t ask me why but I have a penchant for attracting know-it-alls, men in particular. They don’t bother me in the beginning cause they usually have something to teach, which I find extremely sexy cause I hate dummies, but once they start recycling the same crap they’ve already shared it’s time for me to make that exit. Those that know me know I’m a music head and rap/hip-hop is my favorite genre of music. I promise you every dude that either listens to rap or “makes beats” assumes he CAN rap and/or thinks he’s the NINO BROWN of hip-hop music like he invented the shit – WRONG!!! In the last week, BOTH of my dudes would swear to you that they schooled me and put me up on game. One of them is going through his Willie D, Luke, Pimps Up Hos Down phase while the other is a modern day Malcolm X in love with the sound of his own voice. Talking to either of them about rap is exasperating and would leave you convinced that THEY believe that THEIR word is the gospel and you ain’t on deep until you get to their level; they both my jiggas.

So the pimp hipped me to this Compton cat Kendrick Lamar while the 2010 Malcolm X has caused me to take a closer listen to Lupe and J. Cole. Malcolm is trying to make me a Jay-Z STAN and avid follower of Wu Tang Clan but I ain’t NEVER going. Anywhoos…check the vid of the Kendrick Lamar dude over Yeezy’s Monster track as I think he’s pretty decent. I had to listen 3Xs before giving him the official Kiwi head nod but I grudgingly admit THIS track proves he’s worthy.

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