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Today I felt good. I get it now. My mood is dictated by how “valuable” I deem my actions to be. So…the other day I was feeling shitty because I didn’t feel useful. I didn’t think that what I was doing or HAD been doing over the past few days mattered much to me or anyone else. And this is VERY CRAZY cause what matters to me changes from day to day. Today however, I did all the stuff on my to-do-list which gave me a sense of accomplishment. Whenever you complete any task, no matter how small, your self worth increases.

I must mention a very dear friend also helped to lift my spirits by sharing some sincere, heartfelt words with me.  Blessings are one of the many  manifestations of God’s presence in the world. Blessings are bestowed upon people, BY PEOPLE who always seem to show up at the right time.  As I see it, that’s God reminding you that “hey I see you and I got your back.” And today my dear friend was my blessing. Thank You Z.

Before I close, since I don’t really do resolutions (when I make ’em – I break ’em) I just thought of a few things that I want to work harder on. I’m listing a few of them BELOW so I can hold myself accountable. For some reason when your goals are written down, you seem like more of a loser when you don’t achieve them versus not achieving them when you just recite them over in your head. I ain’t NEVER on no loser shit which is why I’m documenting mine. My 2011 is finna pop….

read a book a week
curse no more than 5xs a day
sugar/sweets once every other day
cheese/sour cream once a week
2L of water a day
cook 5 days a week

One comment on “TODAY WAS MUCHO BETTER-O!!

  1. Z*Ala
    January 7, 2011

    veo tu espanol idioma juego. lol!

    Cheers to good days, to-do-list, and 2011 poppin’!

    She’s a GoGetta!

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