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Today I felt beautiful. I don’t know if it was how my face radiated in the sunshine, the fact that I had an awesome Bikram session and left the studio with a renewed sense of energy or because I purchased a pair of bangin’ ass stilletto boots from the ALDO store for $35; yeah….it was the boots.  A rush came over me as I imagined dudes staring me down as I strutted my stuff in these shoes.  Believe me, a bad pair of shoes – not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good – can make a guy fall in love. Or lust.  Shit, they both the same thing.  The RIGHT pair of shoes can make ANY outfit pop and delude an average chick into thinking she’s “that deal.”  No wonder women use their Art of War tactics when entering a shoe store.

So aside from Bikram, shoes, beauty and fasting, which is going EXCEPTIONALLY well today I must add, I’m ADDICTED to  Facebook (FB).  Besides rushing to log on and learn about the day’s ghetto foolywangery, I find FB to be very intellectually stimulating, entertaining and informative. WHATEVER is going on in the world, the people on MY FRIENDS LIST are either blogging about it, posting links of the stories or discussing it in a thread.  My FB friends run the gamut: housewives, professors, “intellects”, DJs, sports aficianados, “rappers”, “beatmakers”, ghetto divas, entreprenuers, movie directors/producers, promoters, thugs, community activists, librarians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, parents, insurance salesmen, ITers, students, health gurus, chefs, social servants, husbands and wives, 9 to 5ers, economists, writers, designers, PhD students AND the unemployed. Needless to say I’M the lucky one.

There it was.  The discussion thread on a fellow FB friend’s post about the need to inform people about the dangers of eating pork. Immediately I said to myself “aw shit…I ain’t even touching this one” but of course I have a difficult time exercising restraint over those things I care passionately about.  My only response was “the shit is poison and if we ALL want to add an additional 25 years to our lives we should back away from entering into this pork conversation.”  I did, however, read EVERY comment in the thread which I think had about 80+ responses and WAS NOT AT ALL surprised by people’s reactions and opinions.  Two separate comments which were posted in response to a statement made that pork contained maggots were, “yummy, tasty maggots – pass me my plate” and “the pig is cleaner than any other animal.”  To be honest with you, that “yummy, tasty maggot” comment didn’t affect me one bit because I hear things like that all the time by die-hard pig eaters.  What killed me was “the pig is cleaner than any other animal” comment.  I thought to myself “what the fuck book are YOU reading?”  Get this – the person who wrote the “clean pig” comment was a vegan!

The beauty of wisdom and understanding is knowing which battles to fight and discerning those with whom you want to wage war against.  What still amazes me though is black people are some of the most ignorant people I have ever met.  What’s EVEN WORSE is their asses don’t know they’re ignorant!! Because we’re speaking in black you must add the self-righteous haughtiness that many of us wear with a badge of honor. By the way, my blackness has earned me the right to chastise and bull whip my own people because I’ve payed my dues; I’m still learning though, how to temper the truth with love.  It would seem to me that in the off chance I encounter someone who maybe, just maybe,  has some information that could help me become “a better me” then perhaps I should give them a listen.  In no way am I accusing the two posters in the FB pork thread of NOT listening or NOT taking in the shared information, but it did cause me to reflect on those times I witnessed black people close themselves off when presented with facts and ideas that jeopardized what they had believed to be true.  Or even worse, when it called into question the quality and morality of the lifestyle they were leading.  But isn’t that what life is all about? Progression and regression? Triumphs and failures? Gains and losses? Change and growth? Isn’t everyone chasing love, happiness, comfort and a little wealth?  It doesn’t compute with me how a group of people who need “saving” the most viciously attack and crucify those that come, in earnest, to do just that.  Please hear me.  This is about more than pork.

Look – I get it. Life is short, love is hard and the world is filled with mostly assholes.  We must hold tight to moments of pleasure whenever and wherever we find them.  Whether it’s shopping, smoking (reefers or squares), drinking liquors, fucking, gambling, doing drugs, partying, vacationing or eating.  Don’t get it confused. I AM NOT CONDONING swine eating. To me that shit is pure poison and just as dangerous as smoking crack, shooting heroine or walking into a party with a knock-off designer bag thinking you’re doing one – MAJOR NO NO!  But if your heart’s desire is to dine on swine then you have to do what makes you happy.

I’m going to enjoy this fast, put on a fresh cup of hot tea and watch Dinner For Schmucks. Until tomorrow youngn’s…..

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