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Run? At 8am on a Saturday with 17-degree Chi Town temps? MAAAN PLEASE!! On top of that, I felt the heat coming back up so the house was REAL nice and toasty before I headed out. Since this was the first “free training” of the We Running Things Winter II Session, I figured a quick 3mi run wasn’t going to kill me. SHIIIYIIT!! It was CRAZY hard running on pavement that WAS NOT shoveled, (THANKS MAYOR DALEY) and in frigid temps that made breathing through my mouth heavy on my chest and hard on my lungs.  The good thing is it wasn’t too windy and the path was empty.   At the start, my fingers and toes were numb and my body didn’t begin to warm up until 1.5mi into the run.  My pace was slower than normal because running in snow is like running in sand but the sun was shining in my face and rap songs were blasting in my ear so in my mind, I was running the Boston marathon on my way to the finish line to break the ribbon first.

When I tell my people I ran OUTSIDE this morning they’re responses, off top, are going to be either weirdo, psycho, crazy or nutz.  NOTE: folkes in my circle think I’m “eccentric” for reasons other than running in the snow.  If I were to list all of them we’d be here for another hour and I got shit to do.    But as I give this more thought, I don’t think that they think I’m crazy; I think they think I exhibit fortitude.  Not heart, or courage, or bravery as those deal with facing danger without fear but fortitude because fortitude is “the mental and emotional strength that allows one to endure pain, difficulty or adversity without fear.”  Learning to be yourself and comfortable in your own skin is scary and difficult for a lot of people – but not me.  I could care less who doesn’t like or approve of me – fuck ’em.   I do believe, however, that decorum is important so I try to be cordial and civil with everyone but at the end of the day, I like very few.  As I discover who I am, which is part of discovering who I’m not, I choose to embrace and celebrate all of me – the good and the bad.   And all the “weirdo” shit I do is a part of that process.  Don’t you see? Running in 17-degree temps teaches me to reach beyond my limits, to move out of my comfort zone and go places I would otherwise be afraid to go.  Running trains my mind to lead my body and teaches me to not succumb to my physical weaknesses; the connection can’t be any clearer.  These reasons are without question, why I like Bikram and running so much.  The health benefits are a given but when I run I feel invincible.  While in a Bikram posture I learn what I’m made of and it ends up being more the next day than it was the day before.   Both activities build a warrior spirit which is essential for a black woman living in 2010 America.  Most days I feel as if I’m that bitch sitting at the top and the only place for me to go is up.  NOT ALL THE TIME DAMNIT!! Just most days.

I ain’t the only bitch at the top though.  There are a lot of available seats ready to be claimed by others who aren’t afraid to let their star shine.  Today I nominate Carmen, Tammy, Felicia and Joy because they came out running with me this morning and they did their thing.  So today’s post is dedicated to those who are ready to sit high on that bitch throne and let their inner star shine bright.  2011 is waiting and I SALUTE YOU!!

4 comments on “CAN WE GET MUCH HIGHER?

  1. Tami
    January 8, 2011

    I just typed out this really long and thoughtful response and it went away. Arrrghhhh! At the risk of sounding like I’m “jocking” I too find that I’ve developed I don’t care kind of attitude about what others think. I’m just not as hardcore about it as you, lol! Lots of people think I’m weird too or they think I’m something totally different than who I am. I spent a lot of time trying to “fit a square peg in a round hole” before I finally conceded that I am who am and that’s how ima be, love me or leave me alone.

    Anyway, I thrive off challenge (even when I’m
    Complaining about how hard something is) and even though the ring finger on my left hand is still tingling, I’m glad I got my butt up and came out!

    • nisavidan
      January 8, 2011

      TAH-MEE-LAH!!! AH…I wish I would’ve seen your original response. Nah no jockin’ its just that we share similar experiences. For a long time I wanted to be the popular girl, belong to the in-crowd but realized I was a bit too nerdy and not much of a risk-taker for that. Then I said “you know what?” Imma stop trying to fit in – who cares? When I did that everything changed. For the better.

      I’m glad I went out there too. I’m actually gonna try to go out 2 more times before Saturday. Try to keep it between 3-4mi I just want to get my mind and body used to these 20-degree temps. The more we do it though the less problematic it will become. I’m stealing them Sugois when you ain’t looking!!

  2. Tami
    January 9, 2011

    Are you going out in the afternoon by any chance? I’d really like to get back out but 1) I live in the wild 100s and I ain’t trying to be nobody’s Vic and 2) you the ONLY person I know crazy enough to be on that “white people ish” (according to black folk wisdom)

    • nisavidan
      January 10, 2011

      When did you send this? I’m just getting this Monday morning. Do you mean am I going out THIS afternoon (Monday)? Yep I’m going out there today but probably before noon. same starting place and you are welcome to join me.

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