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I want a fat ass.  Not as big as ole girl’s in Big Boi’s I Like The Way You Move video, that shit was stupidly unrealistic, but big like some of the mamas in the Nelly Tip Drill video.  Yeah…maybe like the one whose backside served as the ATM when Nelly swiped his AMEX black card smack dab down the middle of it.  Jiggas nowadays are going crazy over that shit.  It used to be pretty legs or a sexy smile – NOW it’s just ass; the more the merrier.  You know how the saying goes, when in Rome….

It has nothing to do with the ass per se, I just want to feel beautiful.  And what other way confirms this feeling than when men desire you?  Yeah we can get into that self-righteous, Muslim, 5-percenter, Christian way of thinking that says it has nothing to do with physical beauty – your true beauty lies within – but men are visual creatures who respond to what they see.  And since I aim to please, I want to give them what they love looking at.  I’m not a tease…uh scratch that – yes I am – but the power of your desire lies in knowing you’ll always want what you can’t have.  “An easy conquest has a lower value than a difficult one; we are only really excited by what is denies us, by what we cannot possess in full” – Robert Greene.  The appeal is heightened when the imagination is left to feed the desires only your thoughts can fulfill.

Picture it.  Me swinging around a stripper’s pole donning a thong, an afro and a smile.  I wouldn’t wear any makeup only mascara, chap stick, and XL hoop earrings. OH!! AND STILETTOS!! CAN’T FORGET THE STILETOS!  This wouldn’t be on display for everyone to see; reserved only for my man.  Of course I’d dance to Make It Rain but I’d also have routines for David Banner’s Like a Pimp, Trilleville’s Some Cut and Uncle Luke’s I Wanna Rock. By the way, this ain’t no freak shit.  Any woman in tune with her sexuality, in love with her man and accepting of her body will do this.  No touching.  No fucking. Just exploring.  NEWS FLASH!!! If a woman IS NOT DOWN for doing things such as this, chances are she’s an uptight bore and my advice to you is to LEAVE HER ASS QUICK!! Tell mama you gotta move around!!

I can’t blame my parents. Ed and Jackie didn’t make me with a big booty but I did get a brain, a serving of ambition, 2 scoops of common sense and a few lbs of pretty legs.  My grandma passed along her pretty skin gene which I also inherited.  They straight played Fatty though.  This chick’s ass is flatter than a pancake.  Not much she can do about it either as half of the women in my family are straight up and down.  At the end of the day it’s not too much of a big deal for me.  These days I’m running, integrating more squats and lunges into my workout routine and wearing jeans that deceive men into thinking I have a little junk in the trunk.  If they stick around long enough they’ll learn my physical attributes aren’t my greatest asset.

Now I must chuck my dueces up as I leave you to listen to Juve’s Back That Ass Up.  Class is now in session. Until tomorrow youngn’s…..

5 comments on “LIKE STRIPPER’S BOOTYS GO!!!

  1. naraku12
    April 28, 2011

    Very insightful and humorous.

    • nisavidan
      May 1, 2011

      Muhammad you thought it was humorous? Maybe others did too as that is my most viewed most ever! Glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Johnny
    July 5, 2012

    Ure big booty is lovely but i love a woman from whats in heart and would hang around to get to know u

    • nisavidan
      July 13, 2012

      That’s not me in the picture. I don’t have a big booty. Thanks for reading though. Subscribe so you can get instant updates when new posts are uploaded.

  3. andymacfear
    October 12, 2012

    This girl looks fine, you can keep your thin models I’ll take her any day!

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