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Cutler is gay (NO DISRESPECT TO MY HOMOSEXUAL FAMILY – IT’S ALL LOVE) and ALL YOU BEAR DOWN, BLUE AND ORANGE VEINED lunatics need to take your meds.  HOW MANY TIMES do I have to say it? The Bears ain’t shit.  Now…if you from Chicago and just wanna root for your team cause you live here – fa sho; do what you do.   But if you REALLY and HONESTLY believed that the Bears had a chance at winning the NFC championship (even I thought they were gonna at least pull THIS off) AND winning the Superbowl, you out your body; I have a greater respect for the bandwagon fans.  These marks haven’t won the Lombardi since ’85 and the last time they won the NFC championship I think was in ’06.  But guess what? They LOST the superbowl THEN.  Cutler chokes, like McNabb during his Philly days, and I don’t know if their passing game is worthy of  an honorable mention. I know, it’s the D and their running game right? Right.  Now I won’t pretend that I can spit player’s all-time records, game stats or team strategies.  I HAVE been watching this game alongside my Dad since ’85 and have picked up a thing or two about the importance of 3rd down conversions, the efficacy of a team’s passing/running game and the quality of their starting quarterback.

Today’s recap – Cutler claimed a knee injury immediately after his pass was picked from a GB receiver :48 seconds before half-time.  They had a chance to get on the board as GB was leading 14-0.  Get this, the Bears had previously intercepted GB which was how they gained possession and they couldn’t even capitalize on the GB turnover.  At the start of the 2nd half Cutler was “benched” due to his injury and the 2nd string QB Collins was thrown in.  By the time I went to the kitchen to make me a pot of tea, Hanie was in.  I don’t know.  I was thrown for a loop about everything that was taking place in this game.  In an effort to learn more about calls, plays and how a team’s prior performance impacts their play,   THIS game screwed up everything I thought I knew.  BTW – who was making the decisions for the Bears plays on the field?  I don’t know if the Bears performance was SO PISS POOR that it made it easier for GB to log the win or if they were BOTH WHACK and GB was the lesser of two evils. Anywhoo, Cutler’s ass is out, Lovie finna get fired AND I’M STILL rooting for Vick to go all the way next year cause THEY tried to make an example of my man and I want him to excel “despite the odds.”


I am sending a warm and heartfelt condolence out to 2, Skip, Lutalo, Dr. Rice, Zarakyah, Bob and Red; I think a little bit of you guys died today.  Even if all of you is still living I called y’all out cause I wanna talk ish – 2 has already referred to this post as HATE 101.  ME? My ass is alive and well and I keep telling y’all there is room on this here victory train if you guys ever wanna swallow your pride and get on board.  Look, I don’t have a “TEAM” per se, so much as I have favorite players in both football and basketball.  I’ve been known to “dislike” a team though.  Over the years the ONLY teams that I have developed a strong disdain for – basketball and football included – were The Celtics, The Pistons and The Bears.  I’m talking the Celtics during the days of K.C. Jones, Robert Parrish and Kevin McHale. Of course we can’t forget Bird who was the “golden Jew” if, in fact, he was Jewish.  I couldn’t stand them. So so so happy when Mike served them up during that game when he scored like 60+ pts.  Wasn’t he a rookie then?  OH and the Detroit Pistons – the Bad Boyz -when it was Laimbeer dirty playing ass and Rick MaHorn who usedta just body folkes out the way.  I actually liked Isiah Thomas so no hate thrown his way. My point is, rooting for a losing team to demonstrate your loyalty and allegiance is like staying with a girlfriend who beats you. In public.  Everytime she serves you a mouth shot you just say, “well she was good to me this year and besides, this the first time she’s hit me in 2 mos.”  Honestly, you can’t go on living like this.  There comes a point when you must say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and know when to walk away.  I won’t roast you, or look at you funny.  Just walk away.


The game was actually engaging and exciting to watch.  Between being perplexed by what I was watching on TV and laughing my butt off by what was being posted on FB, I decided to post the FB Status updates of my dear friend Meke during the game.  I JUST HAD to add these for good measure:

1.  I don’t owe nobody nothing.  My team is out (TEAM VICK) so if I root for the old F’D up Bears by default it don’t mean I’m a bandwagon fan so all y’all who ain’t on the NFL payroll – kill yo self!!

2.  Y’all better start Bearing Down!! Go Jets.

3.  We not here to start no trouble – we just here doin’ the…

4.  Where Walter Payton buried at? Y’all betta go dig him up and I think The Fridge is out at Old Country Buffet.  If y’all work hard enough y’all can round them up by halftime.

5. Damn where the Seahawks when you need ’em?

6. Damn they got a bar on the field? Who ordered a Tom Collins?

7. I know when you hurt your knee B&^%$!! #NEVER

8. The Bears playing so bad one of they players is blocking for The Packers.

9. And THAT my friends is THAT ASS!

Hey guys, there’s always next year. In the meantime, just add another year to the 24 already logged. ENJOY GAME #2.  Until tomorrow youngn’s…

PS – noone was injured in the writing of this post. If I happen to see any “blue and orange” veined lunatics on the city’s streets – I WAS JUST PLAYING!! KIDDING!! HA HA!!!

2 comments on “TRASH TALKIN’!!

  1. Lutalo
    January 23, 2011

    Let’s see.. the Bears who were predicted to be 8-8, that installed a new offense this year and had to work with a make shift line, ended up hosting the NFC championship game and almost beat the pre-season Super Bowl favorites….

    and they ain’t shit?

    Hmmm… you smoking the green? Or the green and white?

    WHITE is NOT good. Learn your history….lol

    • nisavidan
      January 23, 2011

      I expected this from you Lutalo. Next……

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