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Facebook (FB) is possessed by the devil.  In this post I’m defining devil as an evil spirit at enmity with God having the power to afflict humans with spiritual corruption causing them to become wicked, cruel or ill-tempered.  Since joining the FB family 2 years ago, or FB cult depending on where YOUR experience has taken you, I’ve witnessed cat fights, shouting matches and hypocrisy all of which are more prevalent than discussions about world affairs and posted articles related to environmental climate, social change and the multinational corporations that control the food industry.  No finger pointing from The Kid because my contributions are limited to rap videos, rap lyrics and funny comments I post on other people’s pages.  I’ll post an article every now and then and drop gems on topics that move me and that I am informed about, but other than that, I TOO am guilty of NOT using FB to its fullest potential to service us for the greater good.  This may be due in part to the fact that I am a rigid, tight-ass in real life and come to FB to relax and release the tension and stress of day to day living.  Though I will enter into intellectual debates and add my 2.5 cents on things that pique my interest, my primary focus is to laugh, learn about new music,  be exposed to credible journalism sources  and pass the time while in the laundromat or the car repair shop.  I’ve deduced that FB will always fall short of being what it’s destined to be because of the founding principle upon which it was created: to denigrate and make mockery of others out of anger, ignorance and fear.  If The Social Network flick carries any truth to it, FB always was and always will stand on bullshit (BS).

If you pay close attention you can always figure out who’s fighting, flirting or fucking.  The best of us have perfected this skill and are labeled as the FB eye hustlers.  Members  of the FB family must always “keep their radars up” and be extra special careful of what information they choose to share in this forum cause THESE JIGGAS DON’T SLEEP.  They are categorized based on their actions which consist of never signing into chat, never posting updates or comments and never clicking likes to posts or fan pages.  They are those who exist as stalkers among us to look at your pics and spy on your FB movement, hanging onto your every word and/or idea.  Maybe they got crushes.  Maybe they bored.  Maybe they have no social life OUTSIDE of FB. Don’t ask me WHAT they be on cause your guess is as good as mine but they asses is here so please take heed.

It’s not just the stalkers that have me saying what the fu? but the people who vent their frustrations and air ALL they dirty laundry on FB also give me pause.  I’ve never been guilty of this as I am an extremely private person and pride myself on solving my own problems (not always the best way) but those that do this come off as having the inability to exercise restraint and maintain self-control.  Not only that, you don’t break the player’s code!  YOU NEVER shit on another wo(man’s) name.  You just don’t.  ESPECIALLY if there’s a possibility that you will fuck with them again.  Kevin Hart’s wife and Superhead are BOTH going to hell in a Gucci handbag.  They asses is WAAAY out of line!!  Anywhoos, because this is MY blog, where I write to gain understanding and calm MY nerves, it’s only right that I speak about a few recent FB posts that I strongly believe were directed towards me.  When I read them, I squinted my eyes and frowned my face as feelings of confusion and surprise came over me.  At the time, I was convinced these posts were about me because the poster and I were having the same discussion “off -line” 20 min prior to the updated post.  Many will say the poster has a right to post whatever they want since it’s their page and if I don’t like what I read then I should delete myself.  It could also be argued that if I wasn’t on FB so much I probably wouldn’t have seen it anyway.  BOTH ARE TRUE though it still doesn’t make me feel any better about HOW I felt once I read the posts nor does it change how I NOW look at the person who uploaded it. Famm, if you’re reading, that shit was huff.

There is always an engaging discussion on my boy page.  The focus is usually centered around black male-female relationships though the topics have ranged from health and wellness to politics and discrete mathematics.  The other day everyone was asked to list a few adjectives that they thought best described the online persona of other people who frequent the page.  And I swear it was lovely – no bullshittin’.  Everyone was showing love, cracking jokes in good fun – one dude said I was a “good guy”, I thought to myself Imma punch THIS jigga – and the overall mood was positive and encouraging.  THE NEXT FUCKIN’ DAY, NO LESS THAN 24HRS LATER, there was a verbal attack/internet beef/FB war. I was like are you shittin’ me? After I read it I decided to lay low off my boy page that day.  It’s kind of like church where you go to “get the word” but the evil spirit of some people corrupt the environment and interfere with the ability of well-intentioned folkes to “get cleansed” and reap the benefit of the fellowship.  I always put myself in other people’s shoes and try NOT to pass judgment on situations I’m not  in so I don’t blame those who defend themselves when attacked.  As I heard it put before, self-preservation is a natural instinct.  To do anything else would be considered inhumane.  There WILL come a time when I will have to defend myself and I pray that God speaks through me so I can intelligently pierce a jigga in the jugular using weapons that cut deep and force them to tuck their tail between their legs without attacking their character and slandering their name.  I want to perfect this.

My boy is crushing on this chick.  This jigga has turned ME into a FB eye hustler.  Got me following their comments to see if I can discern the nature of their interaction.  I’ve never done this before and I’m not going to start now.  I’m going to have to curtail my FB involvement and read more books.  I’m grateful for Toe and E for making me feel better and for wordpress for allowing me this space to vent.  Until tomorrow youngn’s.

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