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Egypt is in Africa

Egypt is in Africa so I’m Egyptian. *start a revolution*

This post comes off the heels of Hosni Mubarak stepping down as the President of Egypt, home to 18million people, and conceding power and control of the country over to the Egyptian military. The 18day uprising by the people of Egypt claimed the lives of about 300 activists who joined alongside their fellow brethren and took to the streets as they organized and protested to oust the US-backed Mubarak and his 30-year authoritarian rule as president.  The voice of the people demanded a more “stable” and “free society” operating under democratic rule.   And by God the celebrations in Cairo, the captured images of freedom fighters waving their country’s flag and the feelings expressed by Egyptians at home and abroad would have me convinced that the culture of democracy has been established almost immediately – but I know better. Democracy doesn’t happen overnight and the relationships Egypt shares with other countries is going to have a MAJOR influence on how regime change in the country plays out.  As I write this post, I’m gathering information from my poli-sci friends and virtual “intellectual” buddies who study US foreign policy and geo-political affairs and have a much better handle on the implications of today’s events and what it could possibly mean for Egypt, America, Palestine, Iran, Isreal and the rest of the world.  I won’t get into a political discussion about it here, though I am inspired by the Egyptians who were summoned to action and heeded the call.  The struggle for freedom flows through my veins. The tears in my eyes burn for justice and equality. The desire for morality and righteousness to exist in the land of the people rages in my heart and mind.  Because of this – I AM THEM. 

There will always be some school of thought that you can identify with or some belief system that you live by though you don’t know all the facts nor do you understand how they tie together.  And while I don’t know the political history of Egypt or how it has brought about the recent events in Cairo, what I and others across the globe have witnessed speaks more to the spirit of a people than the face of  Egypt’s political past or future; God is with them.  The Egyptians fight is not only a fight against oppression and corruption but a struggle for freedom, justice and equality.   But more noteworthy than that, it’s about the determination and resilience that emanates from a people who rally around a cause they strongly believe in and that they feel has the tremendous power to effect change.  It displays the heart of a people. It reveals the fearlessness of a people. It showcases the kindred spirit that dwells in us all. The freedom movement is here and the collective quest for ALL PEOPLE to live peaceful, free and independent lives IS the revolution.  What cause are you willing to fight to the death for?

If I should die before I wake I have a pretty good idea of what the people will say about me. The good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly, the bits and pieces that make up the whole – all would be pleasing to me.  Because I’m not perfect and don’t seek perfection, I’m beginning to understand what my purpose is and the life that must be created around it.  In a nutshell I was born to love, serve, learn, teach and lead.  In this I’ll capture cherishable moments of happiness that make life enjoyable and worth living.  But while I ride the high-life and live today like there’s no tomorrow, I must be held accountable for dedicating my life to creating a healthier future that coming generations can be proud of. I must make history. I must leave a legacy in my name that my ancestors and bloodline can live through. It’s OK to party and bullshit as long as I’m working harder than I’m playing.  The time is upon me to make every minute count. Join me in building tomorrow, today.  Until tomorrow youngn’s.

4 comments on “Egypt is in Africa

  1. Mogenius
    February 13, 2011

    Great post…


    • nisavidan
      February 14, 2011

      MOGENIUS!! THANK YOU!! I’ve been slipping but I had to get my writing back and the “Egyptian Revolution” helped me!! Thanks for following me and for commenting!! I look for your feedback!!

  2. mellini
    February 14, 2011

    Right On! Right ON.

    • nisavidan
      February 14, 2011

      Melle Mel and The Furious Five!! Thanks for your comments love. I’ve been slacking on my pimping but Kiwi is BACK. AND IN FULL EFFECT BABY!!! Miss ya!!!

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