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We BALLED OUT!! Toe TOLD me LAST year when she went to MIA that I HAD to go back with her this year and I’m SHOLE glad I did. I didn’t realize how much I needed a vacation which for me just meant some time spent AWAY from home.  The weather was beautiful, 85-degrees, and time seemed to move slow.  Noone was anxious, uptight or mean because the sun was shining bright, vibrant green grass covered the lawns and folks were drunk by noon. I treated my palate to Riesling and Rose MOET, a MOET Mimosa and a shot of Patron. After that PATRON DEAR GOSH I thought I was burning on the inside. I drank 2L of FIJI water RIGHT THERE in the club. I was nuh unh NO dehydration for The Kid.  OH – and the sponsors treated us VERY well. VIP ALL WEEKEND.  No waiting in line and we didn’t have to reach in our pockets for NATHAN.  They actually seemed pleased to show us a good time. I’m like where they make y’all at and can I take home a clone?  The DJs played all that foolishness as if DJ Khaled, Gucci and Weezy were the only artists in the industry but it created crazy energy in the club and made us party into the wee hours of the morning.  Celebrity sightings were Talib Kweili, Joakim Noah, Kevin Hart, Busta Rhymes and Trey Songz.  50 whack ass was spotted but I missed him; thank goodness.  I ran along the boardwalk overlooking the ocean with the sun shining in my face and slept on 400 thread count sheets underneath a down comforter – that’s that Fontaine Bleu treatment.  Though we left a few days ago my mind, body and spirit are STILL there. MIA we shall meet again VERY soon….

Z has financed my UK travel.  I have no doubt that my people will come through in the clutch because they believe in me and have always supported me in my personal and professional endeavors.  There are quite a few expenses that I must incur before I even get to campus so I’m trying to be smart about how I spend my money these days.  For THIS reason alone, my fundraising party can’t come soon enough. I’m enthusiastic, anxious and scared all at the same time.  Can I compete? Will cultural differences stifle my growth? How will I manage with my support system being SO FAR away? I will miss my mother, my sister, my BFF and my children.  I’m eager to learn how this experience will impact me personally and how the professional experience will prepare me for a career in engineering and beyond.  I still have to secure housing and apply for my visa but I’m working on those now because I want to spent my last weeks stress free occupied with the love and joy of my family and friends.  I’m extremely nervous but I think I can do this so every day I’m preparing myself to get acclimated.

This jigga Steve Jobs is a magician or some shit.  He works his hoo doo voo doo every rip and gets the public hyped over the latest Apple release.  Now this mark got ME tweaking over this new 2nd gen iPad.  Apparently the device goes on sale in stores tomorrow at 5PM but you can purchase it online as early as 3am.  That damn Apple website gone crash.  I’m curious to watch the news first thing in the AM just to hear how many people went HAM just to be the first in line to get this damn thing.  I read the reviews and actually the Motorola Xoom BY FAR beats the iPad in terms of tech specs, features and usability.  Clearly the 2nd gen iPad is more popular, funky cool and has a more pleasing aesthetic but the reviewers say there is no PUSH to purchase it unless you’re a tekkie and you just GOTTA have the latest hot thing.  It is supposed to be faster, sleeker and lighter with a front and back camera with digital zoom and recording capabilities.  Outside of that though, reviewers say there are no added benefits.  This isn’t enough to convince me to NOT want one.  The model I want is $729 so I must smack myself back to reality and be satisfied with my DELL Inspiron E1705 laptop, which I love dearly, until I get my financial weight up.  I will work something out because this iPad is a MUST have.

I believe in karma.  I believe the treatment you give is the treatment you receive.  I believe people carry a certain energy that draws others to them or causes others to flee from their space.  I think a person’s thoughts are a reflection of their character and serves to shape their responses to certain situations.  Circumstances are rooted in thought and I want to carry pure thoughts that crystallize into habits of kindness and goodness which solidify into circumstances of love, peace, success and freedom.  Unhealthy thoughts manifest themselves as disease through a weak and sickly body and I don’t want that.  I want a whole body representative of good health, strength, vigor, youth and grace.  I want a renewed and beautified mind that guides my intellect towards a legitimate purpose, a greater purpose, that maybe even I can’t imagine but knows God has ordained.  To achieve this I must sacrifice.  I must exercise self-control and practice the true concentration of thought.  In this I will fail time and time again but the strength of character gained along the way will be the true measure of my success.  Strength can only be gained by effort, patience and practice and sharing company with like-minded individuals who will assist in this effort.  I have to remember to minimize time spent with those who complain, criticize and constantly highlight my shortcomings.  Oftentimes they are looking at me through tainted glasses which is a reflection of their internal conflicts and insecurities.  I can’t dictate the actions of others but I can control mine.  I want to make beautiful music so if you’re with me let’s two step together.  Until tomorrow youngn’s…

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