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How’s YOUR Vagina?

I refuse to stay “mum” about information that I think can help people.  No matter how quirky I may appear or how weirded out the advice may be – if it speaks truth to me – I feel it is my DUTY to share it with others.  We all “claim” to know how to achieve peace and an overall “healthy” physical and mental well-being.  And while peace and health is relative and achieved differently by every person who seeks it, I STILL feel compelled to hit you with some NOT SO NEW SHIT to get you thinking about ways to further enhance your life experience.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the things we ingest have a DIRECT correlation to the quality of life we live.  Be it food, thoughts, information, human vibrations, sunshine and love or the lack thereof.  Also be aware that the kinds of foods we consume are extremely critical and we should focus on eating more LIVE foods that assist the body in ridding itself of toxins which serve to expel enraged thoughts and prevent moods of anger, sadness and depression.  If we want to improve our circumstances we have to improve our thoughts since they dictate our response to certain situations.   This is VERY critical for women as their wombs are the birthplace of life and the information a woman shares with her children has the most profound effect on them during their adolescent and teenage years when they are most impressionable.  Below are some excerpts from the book above that speak to the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy vagina. Every woman should own a copy of this book.  Mine is on back order at B&N.

“There is a possible direct correlation between the conditions of wombs and the state of the world.  Many people are born of wombs that are fibroid filled, cancerous, cystic, mutilated, raped and aborted creating toxic wombs that are sorry, sad, depressed and angry.”

“So many women experience hit-and-run lovers, or husbands and boyfriends who have abused their bodies.  Plus so many women have never truly experienced the joy of an orgasm, or are having an orgasm with the wrong man.  An angry vagina is an angry woman while a happy vagina is a happy woman.”

“Eating disorders, “fast foods” and BAD SEX announces the presence of an angry vagina.  Depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine headaches and sexually transmitted infections all warn us that our wombs are angry.  Improve nutrition habits, detoxification routines, physical exercises, prayers, meditations and spiritual activities to ‘heal thyself’.  ”

“The angry vagina is a planetary problem that needs planetary priority before we all self-destruct.”

Staying committed to promoting smiling, healthy vaginas, I have been identified as the Volunteer Coordinator for the play “Vagina Monologues”, written by Eve Ensler, scheduled for production in late April right here in South Shore.  Choosing to feature this play in our community is just a small part in a global, non-profit movement, to give women a voice and bring attention to the high incidences of female sexual abuse and incest that have and continue to plague our households and communities.  The play’s producer Zahra Alabanza and director Shamilia McBean are two grassroots activists very involved in local efforts that advocate and promote sexual education and safe, sexual health practices.  The play’s admission cost is donation based and the proceeds will be used to benefit local groups and organizations that work to end violence against women and increase access to sexual health services.  It should be a no-brainer that we come out in droves to support this work. More info on volunteer recruitment and performance date/location is forthcoming.

Well my lovelies I leave you with the idea that sex should not be looked upon as a “bad” or “nasty” thing though I am not advising you to be on some Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj foolishness allowing “random dudes” to “run up in you” simply because they payed you a complement or bought you a meal.  Sexual promiscuity IS NOT the order of the day as I strongly believe we should reserve our most intimate, sexual moments for our spouses though we shouldn’t shut off fountains of love when they overflow.  We must seek well-balanced, harmonious sexual encounters which are outgrowths of positive, harmonious interactions.  Each vagina has a voice, because according to Ms. Ensler, “it is the ultimate embodiment of individuality; a tool of female empowerment.”  Don’t be afraid to let that vagina talk!  Get liberated and explore yourself sexually as it may enhance the sexual experiences you share with your partner.  Discuss your feelings and sexual desires with those who love and understand you and who can check their opinions and judgments at the door.  In my humble opinion sex is best enjoyed between two people who love, respect, honor and understand each other.  I’ve heard MANY A MEN say sex is mental. I want nothing more than to have a man who holds my body, my heart AND my mind.  Until tomorrow youngn’s.

2 comments on “How’s YOUR Vagina?

  1. mellini
    March 20, 2011

    Kiwi, I’m loving this post.

    There is one major cause of an Angry Vagina that you failed to mention–Vaginal Asphyxiation! So many of us sister are smothering our vaginas to death. We wear tight pants, synthetic panties, synthetic fabrics, and etc. We need to loose ourselves and be real with natural fabrics to let the pathway to our wombs be free and breathe.

    Breathe. Breathe. Our collective vaginas need the Breath of Life!

    • nisavidan
      March 20, 2011

      OH YES Mel!! Good point. I may have to actually edit this post and ADD that part – stealing your words of course. I MUST get over there to chat with you this week. I heard the news!! SMOOCHES!!

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