…life from my perspective


1. Babygirl if your hair, shoes, accessories, outfit and handbag are the same color and that color is NOT BLACK – stop doing dumb shit.

2. If your babydaddy start coming BACK around in January and you ain’t seen him since LAST March AND you let him file one of the kids though you’re the one working NOT HIM – stop doing dumb shit.

3. If you jagged your bonus check on a $1500 handbag – stop doing dumb shit.

4. If you still listening to JZ – stop doing dumb shit.

5. If you in a public space talking on the phone and your voice is loud as hell AND it carries like Mo’Nique – stop doing dumb shit.

6. If you take out $65k in student loans to go BACK TO SCHOOL cause you dropped out of undergrad 12 yrs ago and just “stayed down there” – stop doing dumb shit.

7. If you over 21 and on social media sites cussing other folkes out on dummy- stop doing dumb shit.

8. If you a female over 25 and you get so pissy drunk at the club you urlin’ and falling over yourself on the way to the car – stop doing dumb shit.

9. If you over 21 and you think when a person earns a PhD that they’re a MD – stop doing dumb shit.

10. If you drive one of them cars that when you turn the volume/bass combo up too loud the trunk rattles – stop doing dumb shit.

11. If you a grown man who smokes reefers but your hands are ashy, your nails are dirty and your lips are dry when you NOT rolling up – stop doing dumb shit.

12. If you riding a bike in 20-degree temps in the snow – stop doing dumb shit. NOTE: this DOES NOT apply to runners.

13. If you that jigga who ALWAYS telling somebody when they ain’t doing something right though you’ve NEVER done it before – stop doing dumb shit.

14. If you a self-righteous hypocrite – stop doing dumb shit.

15. If you that female who always checking girls who cheat with “your man” but you rarely hold dude accountable – stop doing dumb shit.

16. If you look at your phone every 3 min to see if he/she called or sent a text – stop doing dumb shit.

17. You got MULTIPLE “baby mamas/baby daddies” and you KEEP making MORE children though you NOT RICH – stop doing dumb shit

18. If you ALWAYS blaming OTHERS for the chaos YOU seem to ALWAYS find YOURSELF in – stop doing dumb shit.

19. If you a female and you always smell like smokes, hot flamings, pickles, grease, reefers or liquors – stop doing dumb shit.

20. If you just met dude 2 weeks ago and you think when he tells you he “loves you” during sex that means “he loves you” in real life – stop doing dumb shit.

21. If you can’t discern whether dude is using you for sex but when you think about it that’s the only time he comes around – stop doing dumb shit.

22. If you haven’t mapped out any personal, professional or financial short term or long term goals…EVER – stop doing dumb shit.

23. If you STILL living off your HS/college glory days – stop doing dumb shit.

24. If you walk on the sides of your shoes or your toes hang over the top of them there stilettos – stop doing dumb shit.

25. If you pop bottles in VIP but gotta borrow gas/lunch money from your woman for work next week – stop doing dumb shit.

26. If you use “keepin’ it 100/keepin’ it gangsta/keepin’ it real” as an excuse to be rude, crass, disrespectful, nasty, mean, careless, nonsensical etc. – stop doing dumb shit.

27. If you’re sexually active and have never had an HIV test – stop doing dumb shit.

28. If you frontin’ on your feelings acting like you ain’t diggin’ him/her when you are – stop doing dumb shit.

29. If you curse at or raise your voice to your mother/father – stop doing dumb shit.

30. If you STILL hatin’ on hip-hop in the 2011 – stop doing dumb shit.

31. If you co-signing for family/friends with spotty work histories and a poor work ethic – stop doing dumb shit.

32. If you pampering these young men to compensate for their fathers leaving – stop doing dumb shit.

33. If you’re STILL adding Phat Pharm/Apple Bottoms/House of Dereon clothing items to the wardrobe NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE – stop doing dumb shit.

34. If you’re a neglectful mother and/or deadbeat father – stop doing dumb shit.

35. If you STILL blaming ALL MEN/ALL WOMEN for YOUR funked up experience – stop doing dumb shit.

36. If you take EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY that you can’t laugh at life and at yourself from time to time – stop doing dumb shit.

37. If you violating the rules of the game by running your trap or attacking his/her character behind their back – stop doing dumb shit.

38. If you wearing lace fronts but the front ain’t laced right – stop doing dumb shit.

39. If you STILL watching BET – stop doing dumb shit.

40. If you don’t love ME by NOW – stop doing dumb shit.


One comment on “STOP DOING DUMB SHIT!

  1. Thor
    February 5, 2013

    Thanks – very fun writing – and thoughts

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