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“you know dead rappers get better promotion – Jadakiss”

Both of her albums are currently ranked in the top 5 on iTunes with her second release “Back to Black” topping the list at number one and her first release “Frank” following closely behind at number 3.  The tragic death of Amy Winehouse has fans and non-fans scrambling to grab copies of her masterpieces to have as keepsakes and cherished memorabilia.  And while many people say they saw this coming, death is never an easy pill to swallow once it actually happens.  The Daily Mail reports that Amy may have died due to complications of a cocaine-alcohol-ketamine-ecstasy-heroine cocktail that was much too much for her small frame and compromised lungs, she suffered from emphysema, to handle.  An autopsy listing the official cause of death has yet to be released.

Amy attended a performing arts high-school with Adele, another UK powerhouse who has garnered a mass following of American music lovers who appreciate “real music”, and had a bright future ahead of her after her UK release of Frank in 2003; Frank wasn’t released in the states until 2007.  During the early years of her success her pics tell her story.  Amy was like a bright ray of sunshine; beautiful, youthful, healthy-looking and full of promise.  By the time Back to Black hit the shelves you could begin to see the tell-tale signs of her almost  foiled by addiction.  Her death is reminiscent of the deaths of Billie Holiday, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Kobain.  All of their lives were cut short due to alcohol/drug addictions.  They were considered the musical geniuses of their time.  The creme de la creme.  Those who changed the music game forever and for whom those artists coming after them must pay homage.  I don’t understand people’s behavior while they’re in the throes of addiction nor do I understand why it is so difficult for them to get out from under it.  I dare not stand in judgement of Amy’s life or criticize the decisions she made to bring about such a tragic demise.  I just revel in the beauty of her voice, the genius of her music, the raw emotion of her lyrics and her allure which will continue to draw us in long after she’s gone.  You guys know what she looked like during her last days so I’m going to post pics of a more vibrant and beautiful Amy.  The Amy I think you guys should see.  Until tomorrow youngn’s.

“you are now rockin’ with the best Amy baby…” – Hov

“love is a losing hand….” – Amy Winehouse

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