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I hate small talk.  Mindless chatter is about as annoying to me as a Drake song.  For the record, I have Take Care in the earphones and I WILL be fair and give it an honest listen before offering up a critique.  And while I like being entertained by hood stories and listening to people with a sense of humor “roast” each other, nothing dampens my spirit more than a person that’s ALWAYS talking but ain’t NEVER saying nothing. THEN when you ASK for their input on something WORTH talking about –  politics, the media, education, the abortion debate, THEIR FUTURE, the economy, self-identity, religion, black consciousness, THE FEDS…..they don’t have much to say.   Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…..I know, I know, I know. I think too much. But wouldn’t you agree that it’s worse to constantly complain about and express your views on the “wrong stuff” without giving too much thought to the “right stuff”? Sure, a person’s subjective perception of “the right stuff” and “the wrong stuff” plays a big part in all of this and I’m well aware that we all can’t be Jesus 100% of the time but if you ain’t NEVER talking about NOTHING that is life-changing, inspiring, motivational, thought-provoking, uplifting, informative, progressive or educational what the fuck are you doing here? I mean…no…really. Like, what do you do all the time with your time? My bad…..I forgot. You get money. OK…..well, since I’ve never been one to hate on another’s shine, unless your name is HOVI BABY, go ahead and stack your chips while real power continues to elude you.  Don’t get it twisted we ALL WANT money, hell we ALL NEED money to sustain our lifestyle no matter how humble, but those who chase guap seek something more.  If I had to guess, I’d say that more is power.  True power comes by changing the constructs that have made those in power powerful and that cannot happen without knowledge and an understanding of people, the societies they exist in and our world.  One cannot come into this knowledge and understanding without thinking, living and doing.  So unless you’re exercising your mind in ways that challenge you to morph into a higher form of yourself while inspiring others to do the same, you really ain’t on shit. Mr./Mrs. Paper Stacker.

We know all too well about those who ain’t on shit; bad news rings louder longer. In this post, I want to play something different for your ears.  Share a story with you that will force you to say something on paper because to her your voice matters and she is dying to read your words.  She’s been to The Bahamas, Cuba (looking for Assata), Costa Rica, Haiti, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Japan,The Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.  I know right?  Mama’s traveled to ALL of these places already and she’s only 6 years younger than me!  She has no formula for deciding where she will travel next.  She said she just puts into the ether that she’s ready for another journey and then sits back and waits for it all to manifest.  Guess where I’ve been to? Jamaica.  Back in 2000, Nitra and I left Chicagoan black people to go vacation with Jamaican black people. Oh and now I live in the UK. Whoop dee doo! But getting back to my girl, not only is traveling fun but she says “it challenges me to be at my best.  It gives me the opportunity to reach my fullest existence, to be invisible, to step into a reality separate from the one I live daily.”  You talk it, she lives it.  She’s an inspiration not only to me but to others by the words she shares, the examples she sets and her infectious, take charge, grab life by the horns attitude which infiltrates your being just seconds after meeting her.  Who is she you ask? She answers, “I’m a boss, sassy, fiery person and I long for a spirit that balances that. I’m a person striving to practice her values and beliefs.  I think I want to be and am a woman who is constantly working on being my best self and never settling in a place where I think I have arrived.”  I’ve known her for 6 years and one way she’s managed to accomplish this is by taking part in community based, grassroots activism. She is constantly involving herself in projects and activities that help her to evolve.  She once told me that the world inspires her to be more humane.  For her it holds so much beauty. So much hope.  And because she’s witnessed the unique beauty of the world through her travels she wants to know if you’ve seen it too.  How different is the world view through your lens?

To her, there is a need for everyone’s story to be told.  “Stories are healing tools, tools of inspiration, stories ignite our spirit, they connect us, and they transform us and allow us to relate to one another. With this, I think there should be more spaces for stories to be shared and heard.” And she’s created that space.  As the founder of Nu DAWN Media and sponsor of The Women of Color Travel Project, Zahra and Nu DAWN’s co-founder Renita, have created a space where women of color can see themselves in places they want to be in and actually do occupy.  They strongly believe the black woman’s travel experience is unique and allows us and others to see women of color in a different light.  The mission of the Women of Color Travel Project (WOCTP) is to encourage and inspire women to seek personal transformation through travel, exploration and fearless living. The WOCTP wants to inspire women to become who they were destined to be. To see this through, The WOCTP is producing its first ever anthology through the eyes and pens of women of color who see the world as their playground to explore and enjoy.  The anthology is a collection of stories, visual art, poems, photography, audio/video essays and collaborative narratives, written by you, describing how your travel experience has helped shape the woman you are and emboldened you to become the woman you want to be.  You can’t be heard if you don’t tell your story.  So I urge you, Zahra and Renita urge you, your inner you urges you to share a few words about the places you’ve been and where you’re dying to go.  Just click the link below and submit your story.  Until tomorrow young’ns…….

2 comments on “SHUT UP AND SAY SOMETHING!!

  1. Mellini
    December 5, 2011

    I love the work Z is doing. I think I just may submit a story. Thank you for this write up.

    • nisavidan
      December 5, 2011

      Melle Mel!! You KNOW YOU have to submit YOUR story. You’re exactly the kinda gal she’s talking about. Can’t wait to read it. I want some popcorn.

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