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While attending the social media for science communication workshop at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham, UK, I learned how to tailor my social media usage to achieve desired outcomes.  I left with the impression that all the guys in the room were Twitter-holics while me, I’m just a little old FB junkie but both sites are good for disseminating information and connecting with users though the communication platform and how the end user receives and makes the best use of that information is different.  I deduced that It’s probably best to chat with your professional colleagues on Twitter while reserving FB for posting baby shower pics and debating the greatest Beatles lyric.

Caroline visited Audioboo with me and then thoroughly explained how such a platform can be used to record audio comments in real time that can be instantly be uploaded to social media websites to capture commentary and audience responses as they happen before any editing occurs.  Caroline is a genius writer because there’s no way I could transpose my thoughts as fast as her or organize them in my head to have them perfectly reflect the creative arrangement found in her posts.  She interviewed me yesterday regarding my thoughts on the training and here is my response THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID featured in her blog post.  If you want to read more about the Workshop and the Places project click here: PLACES

All in all I think this was an amazing experience and I’m uber happy that Jacki Homan, my manager at Birmingham City Council thought it was a great idea to have me tag along.  The focus of the workshop was to increase public engagement and raise social awareness around science-related issues via social media but clearly the information shared can be used in a variety of ways by a number of different people who have something to they want to say.  I’m on Tumblr now and I want to start experimenting with SoundCloud and Audioboo.  This was one of the best workshops I’ve been too (tied neck and neck with the fuel cell school) and I hope NOW I know something that my funky cool web designer sister doesn’t. Doubt it…….


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